Fiscal Friday- The 7 Experiment Bible Study!!!!

I am so excited to finally be linking up with Katie, Christina and Natalie for Fiscal Friday.  I have so many ideas I want to share about #fiscalresponsibility, but I’m going to tackle a big one first.

When it comes to being fiscally responsible, I can’t do it on my own.

Y’all, I’ve tried it and for me (as my husband can attest) I have no self control when it comes to spending….especially in the area of THINGS.

Sure, it’s easy to ignore debt for a little while.  You know, while your busy trying to make your life look perfect.

It’s been a journey for me over the past few years to frankly, get over myself.  And daily I’m learning to let go of certain areas of my life that in the end don’t matter a bit.  Jesus was clear-“If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” Matthew 19:21 NIV

A catalyst on my journey was reading Seven by Jen Hatmaker.  The perspective I gained inspired me to pack up my old blog (the one that I spent a lot of time on trying to make my life look perfect.  You know the type.)  It helped me see myself for who I really was- someone who was living beyond her means, gluttonous, wasteful, media-obsessed and stressed.  I am truly blessed and rich, yet I often saw myself as never being good enough.  I was not living the life God intended for me and it’s still a daily struggle.

I’m going to be bold and venture to say that a few of you out there might now exactly what I’m talking about.  For others maybe there is one particular area of life that really has a hold on you.  I think everyone will agree that the EXCESS in our lives often feels more like a burden than a blessing.

The Fiscal Friday bloggers and I are going to examine these areas of our life by completing The 7 Experiment Bible Study.   Starting November 3rd and running until the end of the year, each week will focus on one area of excess- Food, Clothing, Possessions, Media, Waste, Spending and Stress.  I think it will be obvious how the excess in these areas negatively affects our budgets and our hearts.  I know I really need to take a step back an refocus on these areas in my life.

Now for the best part-

We would love for you to join us!  I have set up a closed Facebook group to serve as a way for us to communicate during the study.  Leave a comment or email me (amyevolving at gmail dot com) your email address and I will add you to the group.  Once you are in the group feel free to invite other friends as well- the more the merrier!

I hope we will all be blessed by this study and the support we can gain from one another when we are brave enough to say that we can’t do it on our own.  We need Jesus to help us stay the course.



Tell me your thoughts!

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