My favorite quotes from #dotmom13

A few weeks ago I had a weekend away; what I like to call a “momcation.”  I’ve been taking at least a weekend away for the past 2 years.  Sometimes it’s by myself and sometimes with a friend.  This time I traveled to Chattanooga, TN to attend dotMom.

I really went out on a limb with this one.  I basically signed up because I’m a Jen Hatmaker fangirl (I met her) and I shared a hotel room with some girl I met on the internet (turns out she is lovely 😉 )


My expectations for the weekend were pretty low.  I’d be in the same room with Jen.  I’d hear a few pointers on how to handle my boys and juggle everything else going on in my life. I’d get two nights sleep in a hotel, eat few meals that I didn’t cook and hoped that Elizabeth and I got along ok.

I DID NOT expect to be so encouraged.  I DID NOT expect to come away feeling like all the pressure I put on myself is pretty silly in the eyes of God.  I DID NOT expect to feel like God was speaking to my heart.  But all these things did happen.

I find myself thinking about the things I heard almost daily and wanted to share some of the quotes that have stuck with me.

Vicki Courtney

“Pinterest is a woman’s filing system for her fairy tale.”

“Claim happily ever after in the just now moments of our lives.”

“God says ‘Show them me and it will be enough.'”

Jen Hatmaker

“Respond to parenting with humility and authenticity, not control and power.”

“How we live for Jesus means more that what we say.”

“God does His best work in reality.”

“If our children are following our example, how will they look in 10-15 years?”

Chrystal Evans Hurst

“Figure things out for your season of life.”

David Thomas

“Know the girl moms!  They will know everything that is going on!”

I also heard Angela Thomas speak twice, but I didn’t take any notes.  I will tell you that she is hilarious!

I hope one or a few of these quotes are encouraging to you.  I REALLY want to attend next year as well- it’s September 19-20 in Nashville!




Tell me your thoughts!

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