Welcome to Evolving Style!


Hey mamas!

I’m excited to be expanding into blogging to dig a little deeper into some things I’m really passionate about- evolving and style.

I grabbed onto the word evolving several years ago. My favorite definition is to develop gradually. That idea is so freeing to me. The chatter around us often says, “hey, this will be so quick and painless!” or “just do this and you will never have to think about that problem again!” I’ve believed it so many times and still haven’t found all the perfect solutions.

When I think about style I really think about the way something is done. I’m not talking about style in the perfect, put together way.  This has so much to do with personality types which interest me to no end as well. Your style is yours and yours alone!

The biggest thing I have learned as a mama, which applies to anyone really, is that change is inevitable. But when you are helping these little lives develop, the changes are constantly being thrown at you. Not to mention our own changes and development! So why do we still seem to think that we should be able to find one plan, one style, that should work and stick to it until the end of time?

Here I hope to share my Evolving Style as a mama of 3 boys, small business owner and a woman in the south who likes nice things. I’d love to build a community of other women who can share their own Evolving Style so maybe we can learn from and love each other better without defining a “right” way of handling all the things we are juggling!




Tell me your thoughts!

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