An Unplugged Failure…

I got as far as making my list for the things I planned to do during my unplugged week…

and then a sickness took out one kid at first and then both me and my husband.

I did finish a book or two and then switched to audio books when my head hurt to much to read. 

I did manage to photograph the clothes before I was too weak to get up and was able to post them from bed. 

Many things still sit on my list- socks and chex mix and thank you notes (I have majorly procrastinated on those!) And even though I didn’t achieve my goal of an unplugged week I did consume social media with pleasure and not comparison or envy.

I truly enjoyed seeing houses being decorated and families at Disney or just celebrating with family. I think that’s why it’s generally hard for me to unplug during that Thanksgiving week- because everyone is having such a great time and I love following along.  So maybe I will rethink when my “unplugged” week should be scheduled.  Perhaps during an election week or Valentine’s Day would be a better time to take time away. 

When would you pick a week to unplug? Let me know if you give it a try!


Tell me your thoughts!

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