About Amy

Hi there!  I’m Amy Penny.


I call myself a thrifty shopaholic.  And definitely a shopping enabler.

My personal claim to fame in middle school was that I could draw out a map of the mall and label every store.

Yes, I’m also kind of a nerd. 

I never thought that I could turn my love of shopping into a sustainable career.  As many people do, I took a more practical route and ended up with a degree in math, married to my high school sweetheart, living in the suburbs working as a stay at home mom with 2 small children.

Like many new stay at home moms I was concerned about transitioning to one income while feeding and clothing another little body.  I was introduced to children’s consignment sales by my best friend and I was hooked from the minute I stepped inside that chilly fairgrounds building.  Squeezing in between other moms to dig for the pieces that were perfect for my son was like a hormone fueled treasure hunt.  From the beginning, Nate wore adorable, mostly secondhand clothing.  Now both my boys wear 90% secondhand/thrifted clothing.

Shhhh, don’t tell them I showed you this photo…
because they are Under Armour, character tee wearing big boys now!

Amy’s Evolving Closets has combined several things that are most dear to me- high quality clothes for a steal, making connections with others (especially busy moms!), number crunching spreadsheets, being a good steward of resources and supporting adoption.  100% of AEC profits go to fund the adoption of our son from Burundi and other adopting families.

When I am shopping for my clients I apply the same passion as when I am shopping for my own family. I want to find exactly what you are looking for and pass along those crazy good prices, too!

These little people of ours grow up far too fast.  Read more about my services and subscribe to my email list, Notes from the Closet.  Then let me take this one thing off of your plate!

Off to shop…