10 Thing to Tell You Vlog: What Are You Assuming About Others?

If you assume I have a well thought out plan before I start something you would be incorrect. I started answering the 10 Things to Tell You prompt as an Instagram story, but after I nearly crashed my closed captioning app and realized I had talked for almost 5 minutes I realized I should probably move it over to the blog. You may want to listen to the podcast yourself before hearing my thoughts.

Now to figure out how to upload video to this thing…

If you assume that I’m stubborn you would be correct. I couldn’t let my 5 minutes of video go to waste so now I have learned how to use iMovie and upload to YouTube! Maybe if I do this more my head won’t be cut off 🙂 I’m assuming that you are a very nice person with a lot of free time or you are procrastinating if you watched that entire video.

I do enjoy questions which is why I think I’m loving Laura’s podcast so much. Plus I like verbally processing things (Enneagram 2.)

The group I reference joining is a Be The Bridge small group that will study and discuss racial reconciliation within the Christian church, which is a topic fraught with assumptions. That should more than fulfill my desire to think and speak deeper!

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